Patients for a Moment


Welcome to the archive and calendar for Patients for a Moment – the blog carnival for/by/about patients. If you are interested in submitting posts to PFAM, see below for instructions and read through a few of the editions to get a sense for what works. If you’re interested in hosting, email ; it will help if you have participated in at least one previous edition.

Submitting to PFAM:

For each edition – starting in 2010 – the host will ask a question about illness; see the archive below for sample questions. Submissions to PFAM should answer the question; the host has the discretion to decide what constitutes an answer (usually they’re not too strict).

We moved to this format to encourage conversation and dialogue among patients; it got a little tedious cataloging posts of the “Five Easy Tips For Scrofula” variety, that weren’t interesting to a general patient audience.

Of course, you don’t have to be a patient to answer the question: docs, nurses, wonks, friends – anyone who wants to write is welcome to tackle the question.

No advertising or appeals for money will be accepted.*

Send to the host (you can get their email address from their blogs):

1. Your name (as it should appear)
2. Your blog’s name
3. Your post’s title
4. Your post’s URL

Submissions should be sent in by the end of the day on the Sunday before the edition is to be published.

(*We recognize that some patients use their blogs to raise money for their care, which is fine – so long as the submission itself is not a direct appeal for money.)

Upcoming editions

May 19th – host: Rest Ministries. Deadline: May 16.

June 2nd –  host: Oh My Aches and Pains. Deadline: May 30th.

June 16th – First Anniversary Ever Edition! Duncan Cross hosting. Deadline: June 13th.

June 30th – tbd.

July 14th – tbd.

July 28th – tbd.

Archived editions


May 5th – host: Chronic Babe: “What’s your most laugh-out-loud illness-related experience?”

April 21st  – no edition.

April 7th –  host: Single Gal’s Guide To RA: “To tell, or not to tell?”

March 24th – host: Wellbook: “How have you learned to adapt around your illness…?”

March 10th – Duncan Cross: “Who would you be without illness?”

February 24th – Getting Closer to Myself: “What’s illness got to do with it?”

February 10th – Oh My Aches and Pains: “Love? Hate? What are the four letter words you use to describe your life with chronic illness?”

January 13th – Everything Changes: “How do you get by? How do you manage the practical side of illness?”


December 16th – Patients for a Moment #14

November 18th – Patients for a Moment #12 (at ChronicBabe)

November 4th – Patients for a Moment #11 (at Everything Changes)

October 21st – Patients for a Moment #10

October 7th –  Patients for a Moment # 9 (at Single Gal’s Guide to RA )

September 23 –  Patients for a Moment #8 (at Six Until Me).

September 9 – Patients for a Moment #7 (at Getting Closer to Myself)

August 26 – Patients for a Moment #6 (at Emergiblog)

August 12 –  Patients for a Moment #5 (at Adventures of a Funky Heart)

July 29 – Patients for a Moment #4 (at Everything Changes)

July 15 – Patients for a Moment #3

July 1 – Patients for a Moment #2

June 17 – Patients for a Moment: First-ever Edition

June 11 – Original Announcement