PFAM: How Do You Roll?

Wednesday, August 15 2012

For this month’s PFAM, I asked ‘how do you roll?’ — that is, what do you have to do to travel or just get out of the house. That provoked some great posts, all of which are carnivalized below. Just for the record, PFAM hosts generally don’t refuse any posts so long as they’re not overtly commercial — so everybody who submitted is here.

Shannon at Nip Pain in the Bud and Let Your Soul Blossom gives us Travel and Pain: Plan Ahead Carefully and You Won’t Be Up a Creek Without A Paddle — a list of excellent tips for, well, planning ahead, framed against her trip to Mendocino. Several posts talked primarily about pain, which is definitely part of many people’s experience of chronic illness and injury. Pain can make it hard to even want to travel, but knowing how to manage pain is key to getting out of the house.

Diana Lee at offers Traveling With Migraine Disease: Top 5 Tips, which would be a boring post to anybody without migraine disease except that her tips are good for any number of disease — and pretty close to Shannon’s tips, as well. Every time Diana writes “migraine”, just put “[my disease]” and you will have some useful suggestions for your own travel.

Laurie Edwards at A Chronic Dose writes about organizing her long car trips, which she prefers to flying. To explain her preference, Laurie links to a post about crappy airline service and a horrible encounter with a hostile passenger; what’s remarkable is that neither she nor her husband punched that dude, which is how I would have ended that post in jail.

For Barbara at In Sickness and In Health, it takes a loving companion to get her where she wants to go — plus a fair number of prescriptions. I really appreciate my wife traveling with me, too — in part because she has a Xanax scrip, and I don’t. If you have a partner when you travel, Barbara’s post will definitely resonate — and probably even if you don’t.

Abigail Cashelle at Hidden Courage writes I’ll Be A Friend To You, even when she’s too sick to visit her friends. This is important perspective, because of course many of us go through periods when we can’t travel. Abigail uses her down time to reach out to the people who are important to her, which is a good example of making lemonade from chronic illness.

Iris at Sometimes, It is Lupus, carefully plans her travel for times when she knows she will be able to get where she’s going and do what she needs to do. She used to drive cross-country in Australia with a stick shift, but now lupus forces her into an automatic. I once did a long stretch of the Pacific Coast Highway in a manual Nissan Sentra. It was lovely and scenic and the road swooped and soared above the ocean. When we stopped to take in the view, I couldn’t get out of the car because my clutch knee had seized up. It’s been automatic ever since for me, too.

Kathy at FibroDAZE writes about an Attack of the IBS Monster — an ill-fated trip to the salad bar while visiting Orlando on vacation. I grew up in Orlando, I know where that restaurant is, and I would bet it’s just as likely she got food poisoning from snotty little kids sneezing all over the spring mix.

Selena at Oh My Aches and Pains! gets all metaphorical and writing about the end of her journey with Hep C treatment. This is a huge step for Selena, and let’s hope and/or pray it works for her.

For anyone wondering about the denouement of my TSA saga, that post is here. Short version: I made it through unmolested.

Thanks to everyone who contributed. Next month’s edition will be hosted by Sometimes, It Is Lupus.

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6 Responses

  1. Iris Carden August 15 2012 @ 9:07 pm

    Thanks, Duncan. You’ve done a great job at pulling it all together. I hope I can come up with a topic that will inspire this kind of response!

  2. Selena August 16 2012 @ 4:15 am

    Thanks for hosting Duncan and including my post. I’ve got lots of great reading to do now!

  3. Aviva August 16 2012 @ 6:38 pm

    Great roundup, Duncan! Sorry I didn’t manage to contribute like I’d hoped!

  4. Aviva August 21 2012 @ 2:09 am

    Just fyi, I wrote a post about the topic and linked it to this post of yours.

  5. Leslie Rott August 23 2012 @ 4:46 pm

    Duncan, thanks for hosting! Also, here is a link to my post that I wrote, which I didn’t get done in time for PFAM:

    Also, if you have a smartphone, you may want to check out the game Jetset. You get to be a TSA agent. The announcements made in the background are hilarious. You may find it cathartic.

  6. Barbara Kivowitz August 27 2012 @ 2:07 pm

    Thank you Duncan. A really interesting collection. I appreciate your efforts.

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