PFAM August 15th: How do you roll?

Wednesday, August 1 2012

I am hosting the next Patients for a Moment blog carnival, and my question is ‘How do you roll?’ What do you have to do to travel or just get around?

This was inspired by my recent run-ins with the TSA — here (nsfw) and here. Of course, your submission does not have to talk about the TSA at all.

I’ll give top spots in the carnival to posts that are the most universal — that is, those which speak to the common experiences of sick people. I realize we each have different symptoms, but I like a post that relates those symptoms to a shared understanding of illness.

Submission format is the same as always:

  • Your Name (as you would like it to appear):
  • Blog Name:
  • Blog URL: 
  • Post Title:
  • Post URL: 
  • Please email that information to me at

    Deadline this time is midnight August 12th (that’s a Sunday). I will have the edition up and online August 15th, unless I am busy at work that week — in which case maybe August 17th. Point being: get those submissions to me.

    I look forward to your posts.

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    1. Leslie Rott August 1 2012 @ 11:53 am

      Thanks for being so on top of this. I was hoping your edition would have something to do with your TSA post. I’ve already got something in the works!

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