We Need Badges

Friday, January 30 2009

Though I am glad I missed out on the Wellsphere debacle, I still have a weird little inkling of envy about the badges. They’re awful-looking, but still… The internet being what it is, and Photoshop being what it is, and the blogosphere’s respect for Wellsphere being it what it is, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to take a few liberties with their graphic design and cook up something for those of us not giving away content to Dr. Geoffrey Rutledge, MD. Here’s a pg-13 and a g-rated version of the same general idea:

notwellsphere1 notwellsphere2








You’re free to use them on blogs or other pages, but do link the image to one of the many good posts (elsewhere) that detail Wellsphere’s abuse of medical bloggers.

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